Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Appel en AeerI have discovered my new favourite drink. It is Crystal Clear Appel en Peer (Zonder Koolzuur!). It is basically an artificial apple and pear juice, with no calories at all. It tastes like apple and pear juice would taste, if it was souped-up and made to taste more awesome. It has no bubbles, which is a plus, as here in Holland even iced tea has bubbles.

I was impressed and pleased a few years ago when that awesome tasting peach flavour was invented, and they put it into diet peach Lipton Ice Tea. That was an achievement and all, but the inventor of this pear flavouring should get a Nobel Prize. It is just like eating a pear, without all the unpleasantness. Until I discovered this drink, I didn’t even know that eating a pear had unpleasantness. By comparison, it does.

I am halfway through my third litre of the night and I bought them less than four hours ago. They were on sale at a local market, two for €1. I bought six bottles, leaving only two on the shelf. This was because my backpack could only hold six. I am a bit scared. What if the low price was to run out the stock? What if the product has been discontinued? What will I do? Nothing could fill the hole in my life created by the loss of Crystal Clear Appel en Peer.

PS – I said that it was artificial, but I was stretching the truth. According to the label it has 0.01% apple juice and 0.01% pear juice. So it is natural after all.

* I hate it when I have to use the euro symbol € as I have a non-European computer that has no euro key. Worse, it is a laptop so I cannot use Alt+0128, even with NumLk on. If any of my readers know of some fancy way to give me an instant-gratification euro symbol I would be very happy. I am almost at the point where I will write my own applet.

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