Day 12: Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur

In the morning we went for a farewell swim in the sea, showered and got a cab to the airport. We were flying AirAsia again and so had to get there early to be in the front of the queue. The flight was uneventful, I saw some wide areas where the forests had been raped bare. We got a cab into the city, going 150km/h in a 90 zone and driving in between the two lanes.

We got a hotel room just for storing our bags and went across the street to a shopping centre, recommended for “genuine” DVD’s and software. Got a few games (some that I already owned but didn’t bring the discs).

We headed over to the tailor to pick up my finished suit and shirts. The jacket fit quite well and looked good, but where were the pants and shirts? “You pick up tomorrow”. Aaarrrggghhh. I leave the country in 6 hours. I had given them almost 2 weeks to get it all ready, and they knew when it was required. An urgent call to the offsite sewing sweatshop. I explained the situation. They told me that there was no problem, they had almost finished and I could come in and pick them up tomorrow. I explained that i was leaving the country that night and never returning. “OK, finish tomorrow. You pick up then”. At this stage I was negotiating with three people, two on the phone and one in person. They all know little bits of English, but like all Malaysians they each know the word “cannot”. Eventually I think that we came to an agreement where I paid half and took the jacket and they will finish the pants and shirts and send them to me in the Netherlands. I will pay the other half when they arrive. I wonder if this will actually happen.

We made a quick trip to Chinatown to haggle over some last-minute purchases then it was back to the hotel for a shower and to dress into our flight clothes.

We had booked a taxi and he was waiting for us in the lobby when I checked out. Another high speed ride to the airport and we checked in, getting exit seats once again. We had 3 hours to kill so we went to the Pan Pacific Hotel bar again for beer and unsecured wireless internet. I uploaded a few more photos and posted something. I found a power outlet and plugged our laptops in so that we had a full charge for the flight. We made it onto the plane at 23:50, just in the nick of time.

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