Day 7: Langkawi

Slept in, ate breakfast (fish fingers). As we were late, all of the deck chairs and lounges had been reserved by people putting towels on them, despite the “no reserving” sign, and despite that almost all the chairs were empty but the towel. We sat at the bar (not drinking beer) and watched like hawks for some chairs to become available. When the happened we swooped. Then we went for a swim but forgot the sunscreen. This was only a short dip, but we were at the equator so it took its toll. Had a bit of a lie down in the shade and then I needed a nap. Back to the room for a 3 hour nap. Kip, feeling guilty, studied for the whole time. We had dinner at the hotel (satay night), then retired to our room, listening to mp3’s and playing UNO.

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