On Sunday, Kirsten and I moved out of our house. All of our stuff is now in storage and we are homeless. We are staying with my Mum in the Blue Mountains for the next week or so, then it is off to Dad and Honey’s place for the remainder of our time in here. I have 18 days left in Australia!

Basil is now living with my Mum. He has taken the move quite well and seems to be enjoying himself already, quite a contrast from our move into the Lane Cove apartment, where he spent the first 3 months between the door and the wall with his nose in the corner. Kirsten was a bit apprehensive as we didn’t know for sure if Mum would like him, but when we got there she had already had a cat door installed and had prepared a nest for him to live in.

It has been almost two years since I decided to make the big move, and for all of that time it has been a far away goal, like a dream. It still does not seem completely real, but with the move it is starting to become so. People tell me that it hits when you get on the plane and realise that you won’t be back for some time.

I will definitely be returning around July/August for the birth of my new niece or nephew, but that will only be for a short time. We must return “for good” by next March, both because of my visa and for Kip’s uni commitments.

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