Like rain on your wedding day*

Tonight someone was speaking to me in Dutch and I didn’t realise it. I just understood as if they were speaking English.

So I had “the moment” on one of my last nights in Amsterdam. Oh! Cruel fate, why do you mock me?

I will really miss this city. There is so much that I didn’t see.

*note to family: the title of this post refers to the Alanis Morissette song “Ironic”, and is not some coded message about my emotional state. So stop worrying.


  1. There is of course the argument that rain on your wedding day is not an example of irony.

    Let’s say you owned a farm and suffered 7 years of drought, and then it drove you to have to sell the farm and then on the day you were moving out it started to piss down raining… that would be ironic.

    Or, if you absolutely loved the girl since high school but she got married to some other guy so you moved on with your life, meet someone else and were getting married, then on the day of your wedding your high school sweetheart’s husband was killed in a sudden plan crash… that would be ironic.

    Or perhaps what Miss Morissette meant in her song was, you are chick living in the upper remote mountains of Papua New Guinea and your father sold your hand in marriage to the local well digger in exchange for his services on the father’s baron plot of land, then on the day of your arranged marriage it started to to rain…. that would be ironic.

  2. Adam,

    I have been to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, and it rained a lot. Hence the term, “rainforests”.

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