Mum’s first “dat kan niet”

My Mum has come to visit me for Christmas, she has been here nine days and is returning to Australia tomorrow. We have had a great time together as I showed her my city and some of the surroundings.

Today we went to Den Haag to see the Vermeers and Rembrandts at the Mauritshuis. Afterwards we stopped to have a light lunch and a few drinks. I ordered the special: zuurkool stamppot met rookworst. Mum ordered a toasted chicken and cheese sandwich.

That is not possible”.

They have toasted cheese sandwiches, toasted cheese and ham sandwiches, toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches. They have un-toasted chicken sandwiches, so you know that they have chicken in the kitchen. Toasted chicken and cheese sandwiches are not specifically listed on the menu, which is the definitive list of all possible food combinations. Toasted cheese and chicken sandwiches are therefore impossible.

Finally, on her second last day, Mum experienced the real Holland.

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