no such thing as coincidence

Last night, as every night here, I decided to go out. I walked up to Leidseplein and had a nourishing dinner of a brootje kroket from FEBO and caught the #5 tram into de Dam. I walked through Warmoestraat and got some 5th Gear for later and then went over to Nieuwmarkt, which has changed a lot since summer with the loss off all the terrasjes. I decided not to stay for a drink and went into the red light district hoping to find a pub playing the rugby league game. I found one, the Old Sailor (or something) and enjoyed a beer whilst not enjoying the 24-0 loss to the kiwis.

I went back to de Dam and walked down Kalverstraat in search of the Skechers shop that I know is there. It took a while, but I found it and it was everything I had hoped for. Across the street is an English-language bookstore. Since it was late at night the shops were of course closed so I got a tram back to Leidseplein and walked back to the hostel for a drink at the bar before an early night. Until I bumped into Marcel at an ATM. Marcel is the guy who took me to his holiday house on Lago Maggiore in Italy, he was there with his mate Peter. We went out for a beer in a nice cafe on Marnixstraat that I have been to before. He told me that some of his friends were joining us, including Kirsten. I have to see her sometime, so I decided to stay.

I was having good conversation with Marcel and Peter when Kirsten arrived. It was pretty weird, but we soon got over it and caught up. Both Marcel and his friend Jasper gave me contacts for markelaars who might help me get a place to live, Jasper even had his mate’s card in his wallet. I heard the network’s gears start to grind.

[edit: part of the night omitted]

After a few drinks it was time to leave and I bid my friends farewell and went for a walk in the cold. I saw a single snowflake float gently down from the sky.

Today I sent off a few more emails for rooms that have come onto the market and went in the de Dam to get some gloves from de Bijenkorf. I managed to get a pair of leather gloves that more or less match my jacket and was pleased to have warm hands when I went outside. The phone rang – it was Monique, who I had emailed earlier. We setup an appointment for me to have a look at her place (in 2 hours from this posting).

I went down Kalverstraat again, I had a mission to get The Undutchables book from the bookstore and look at the Skechers shop. Both missions accomplished, I came back and wrote this post.

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  1. Sounds like your having a great time Daz! I can relate to your coincidences, Jem and I used to run into people all the time in weird places around South America. That’s how we met Zoë and Jon.

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