Telstra Bigpond are a bunch of F***ers

They have magically changed the usage data for my account to say that I am cumulatively 2.15GB over my usage limit (of 5GB) for December/January. I collected data every 5 minutes using THEIR web service for this entire period and this was not what that service reported to me. Luckily I have saved that data and will retrieve it when I go home tonight.

My bill for December/January/February is $734.23, which I will not be paying. TIO time.

At a party last month I was speaking to a lady who worked for Telstra in some kind of management role. When I pointed out to her that her whole company was comprised entirely of f***heads and they are f***ed and I hate them, she conceded that they do have problems with customer service and billing.

Update: I used the magic word (“Ombudsman”) and all excess usage charges have been dropped, as well as a threatened $80 disconnection fee.

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  1. Man that is exactly like them. Thay d/c’d me last month for not paying my bill even though i did, then they charged me 50 to reconnect.

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