My lease runs out in eight days and I have not found anywhere acceptable to live. I was walking down the street pondering this when it hit me: there is somewhere that I can easily find a good place to live. Sydney. I have now given it some thought, and invited Adam and Mel to… Continue reading decision


I haven’t posted much lately, and my excuse is that I am sick. I have been sick for over two weeks now and have been sleeping 16+ hours per day. I thought that I had a really bad cold, but I went to the doctor and found out that I have a sinus/middle ear infection.… Continue reading Quiet

New New Street

I just got back from checking out my new house. I have to move out of my current house on Keizersgracht by Feb 1, and I have been lucky to find somewhere to go. My new place is on Nieuw Nieuwstraat (New New Street, not to be confused with the nearby Old New Street), near… Continue reading New New Street

Never boring

I haven’t posted for a while, nothing new has happened, but things are evolving, and this post is about one of them. I don’t have any friends in Europe. My nearest true friend is Mel in London, and everyone else is in Australia, 21,000km away. This is not a sad story. I am not lonely.… Continue reading Never boring