uncle dog

On Saturday I went out to lunch with Mum, Michelle and Sampson to celebrate Mum’s birthday. We went up to Leura for lunch at cafe Bon Ton and had a good meal and a good time. Afterwards we went browsing through Leura and I bought some more candles from Moontree and drop from the lolly… Continue reading uncle dog


From Breigh’s 25 Things That Make Me Want To Kill You list: 18. Secrets… I hate secrets I don’t know about. Especially if people act like pricks about it and let you know there is a secret you don’t know. For christs sake, if you’re not going to tell me the secret than don’t tell… Continue reading pwned


Last night Adam and Bits took me to the AFL game between the Sydney Swans and Richmond Tigers. I of course was barracking for Sydney, as were Adam and Bits. It might surprise you to know that this was the first time I had ever been to an AFL game, in fact it was the… Continue reading Footy

Weekend FTW

CAUTION: This post is over 1500 words long. Read at your peril. Friday My weekend started on Friday night when I met Sonia, and Lisa for a drink at the Crowie after work. Since all three are smokers we sat in the outside courtyard, under a gas heater. Some of the guys from Lisa’s work… Continue reading Weekend FTW