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Ode to Tiger Always and forever you shall be my # 1‘Cause since you came to My Space you’ve become my favourite chumSo now I want the world to know exactly why I loves thee TigerYou’re as smart as you are funny and scared away the Ezyrider By Bunni, 9 October 2006 She’s my sweetie.


Unless something really cool happens I won’t write any more verbose narrative posts for a while. I promise*. *promise may not be honoured

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wedded bliss

On Friday night I decided not to go out and to have an early night, so that I would be able to make it to Al and Jill’s wedding by 12:30. I ended up spending the whole night talking to Bunni, including a 2.5 hour call to her mobile. I am curious to see how… Continue reading wedded bliss

people who rocked, recently

Lauren, for awesomeness and VIP madskillz Rohani (Bunni) – my fiancée* SpongBo, the other half of Pinkjoint, for addicting me to Armadillo Run *she didn’t say yes. yet. myspace ftw.



All week I have been indecisive about my plans for the long weekend. I had two main options: a BBQ with 21yo Bek and the no-longer-randoms or Parklife with grownup friends. Which to choose? I decided on Parklife. Of course, I made the decision on Friday afternoon after the tickets had sold out. I went… Continue reading young


On Saturday afternoon I went over to Adam and Bits’ house to watch the AFL grand final. Scott and Nicola were both there as well. They had brought their baby son Rex and, of course, Adam and Bits’ newborn Alysha was there. It was a baby party. I realised that I was a grownup when… Continue reading old