Back in Australia

I arrived back in Australia on the 7th of February, just in time for my birthday on the 9th. It turns out that the 31st birthday is the one that makes you feel old, not the 30th. I had friends and family over for a birthday BBQ on the Saturday, all my friends were de facto/married/engaged, there were two babies and a pregnancy. Everyone left by 10pm. OLD!

On my first conscious day back in Australia I went up to the Blue Mountains to see Michelle and Sampson. Shell is doing a great job as a mother and Sampson has gotten bigger and more human-looking. He is a beautiful boy and discerning, as it is clear that I am his favourite uncle.

I am staying with Phil, Honey and the boys for the time being. I will start looking for a house, a car and a job in a few weeks’ time.

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  1. And remember even more pathetic and OLD we all left by driving ourselves home!!

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