Last night Adam and Bits took me to the AFL game between the Sydney Swans and Richmond Tigers. I of course was barracking for Sydney, as were Adam and Bits. It might surprise you to know that this was the first time I had ever been to an AFL game, in fact it was the first time I have even been to the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground). I am still yet to go to a cricket international. How un-Australian of me.

As with any visit to a stadium, our gate was at the exact opposite point of entry from our arrival point, but luckily Adam played the “pregnant wife” card and we were escorted through the complex to pick up our tickets. In a way it was bad that we were escorted because it meant that I wasn’t able to stop and take a photo of the furnie that I saw. It was a man in a locker suit. Weird.

Adam had bought us General Admission tickets, which means that we did not get allocated seating. We made it into the stand in time to get seats under cover
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