good with the bad

Last night was the most important football game in the history of Australia. Australia vs Italy in the round of 16 of the World Cup, a knockout game.

I went to the Crows Nest Hotel to watch the game, along with Sonia, and Sonia’s hot and very cool friend Lisa. When we arrived it was a “one in, one out” policy, necessary because the place was absolutely chockers. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait too long in the cold.

It was my shout first, and I joined the throng at the bar. Next to me was a young guy with an Italian flag headband. In the Australian spirit of friendly rivalry I told him that he disgusts me, to which he responded that he is disgusted by both me and my mother. He later told me, in an Australian accent, that he could never respect me. I guess he was sick of the ribbing, being a traitor within a frenzy of Aussie spirit.

Sonia and Lisa found us a spot with a view of a TV, sitting on the ground. At this time both teams were already on the field so we were lucky to have made it. Most of my readers aren’t Aussies so don’t know what happened. It was a great game, the Socceroos did us proud and gave as good as they got, with a score of 0–0 for the whole game. The whole game, that is, until the last 8 seconds where the Italians scored a goal off of a typically World Cup bullshit penalty. Not a happy time, but not too sad either as we were all proud of the historical achievement that our boys, um, achieved. I will be going to the tickertape parade when they return.

Lisa and I went outside to the 7–11 to get some drinks and missed one of the highlights of the evening. Sonia, high on caffeine and foolishness, almost got into a brawl with the aforementioned Italian headband man, who was standing in the middle of the road taunting us.

Faced with the prospect of a taxi drought and a long walk home, I summoned all of my rockstar powers and made a cab appear. It was almost time to turn off to our street when our caffeinated friend informed the driver that we were going to Minsky’s. Not an early night then. Afterwards we walked home (it is 8 minutes down the hill). I took Lisa on a detour to the kiwifruit tree that I discovered on the weekend. We have a lot of kiwifruit now.

Back home and we were tired but not sleepy. Sonia disappeared and Lisa and I chatted and watched Matrix on the MCE until she succumbed to sleep. So I went to bed at 5AM on a school night.


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