My flatmate Sonia has been emailing me photos of Milla all day, possibly because we watched You Stupid Man recently (a good movie, and Milla did very well). I responded with a photo of Leeloo, and this got me thinking. After reading Hamish’s blog the other day, I have compiled a list of my favourite 5 movies of all time 5 movies I really like and have watched a lot.

Yep. Two with Milla.

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  1. So you read my top ten post, but you never replied with your list. I feel “5 movies I really like and watch alot” is different from a top10 list, as a film may be outstanding but not neccessarily something you want to watch over and over.

    I may get back to you on my 5 films (It’s half time in the Champions League Final)

  2. So, you are both implying that I stole your idea and pointing out that what I did was different?

    I weight “rewatchability” highly in a top movies list. Think desert island. You want rewatchability there.

  3. All guys love Milla…..Luke loves her also …it’s because of her suit made entirely out of tape that gets you all hooked and her cutsie innocense.

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