Notting Hill

This is my last night in London for a while, and Jem is taking me to the Lord Nelson to throw some arrows (darts). There is the possibility of some pint drinking as well.

Yesterday we went climbing with his mate Rex, who is a top bloke (although now practically a Pom). It has been a while and I was a bit scared at first, but soon found my climbing legs and managed to conquer a few (to me) difficult climbs.

Afterwards we went out on a bit of a pub crawl through Notting Hill, stopping to have dinner at Standard Indian Restaurant. The dinner was very tasty, although the vindaloo was hot, not “crazy hot” as promised.

After dinner we went to a pool hall called the Elbow Room where Jem and I completely demolished Rex and his mate Tim, despite the weak Melbourne rules that they kept inventing to try and thwart me. When we left we were still sixth in the queue for a table. Thanks Andre, whoever you are, for leaving and giving us the opportunity to impersonate you.

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