The Rules of The Space

  • If any friend (other than a Top Friend) sends a chain bulletin, comment or message, instantly delete them. If a Top Friend does this, massively demote them as appropriate. Tell them why.
  • If a Russian bride says that she likes cooking, Deny her. If she doesn’t: she is special, and can be added.
  • If anyone posts a stupid sparkly “thanks for the add” comment gif, say “no thanks” and delete them.
  • Automatically playing song and not a band? Delete.
  • If a girl has a photo of herself with another girl as her pic, she thinks she is the ugly one. She has low self esteem. Delete.
  • One Slide per profile
  • One survey per profile – surveys belong in blogs, bulletins and messages.
  • Guys: If a very hot girl has “just moved to your city”, is a web designer and has a cam, there is not a possibility that you will sleep with her. She doesn’t exist. That these camwhores always have thousands of male friends speaks volumes about the stupidity of my sex.
  • The photos section is for photos of yourself and your friends. Maybe one example of your favourite cartoon. “Funny” pics of wet dogs or rainbows or whatever belong in the comments of people you don’t really like.

In the immortal words of The Slore: “Don’t ever doubt The Space”

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