things that tasted good today

  • the falafel pita that I got from the hebrew pita shop in Rose Bay. Best EVER! Nicest bread, tasty falafel and hommus. Good range of salads. I need to get the name of the shop. I am tempted to remotely stuff up the nearby client’s computer systems so I have an excuse to visit the area. It was sooooooo good.
  • the Laphroaig whisky that I am sipping right now
  • Vitasoy soy milk. Mel got me onto soy milk in London and now I cannot drink cow milk, it tastes horrible. Vitasoy is the only good brand, the others I have tried taste…chalky. Chee-Ho gave me some Chinese soy milk and that was good, but not in a milk-substitute sort of way, you couldn’t put it on your cornflakes.
  • My beloved Coke Zero. I drink so much that it is my “neutral” taste.
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