T > C 20:15 walkingrek just gave me a unicorn necklace!C > T 20:26 Wow! I told Stephanie that and she said 3 Starburst lollypops are better!T > C 20:27 ‘sifT > W 20:31 (pic)C > T 21:07 Me and Miss Ward are going to be a Mahoot and look after the elephant! Stone sober… Continue reading friday


The 25th of April is ANZAC Day, an Australian holiday to remember the sacrifices made by our servicepeople in various wars. We recognise their sacrifice by doing what they would have liked to do: we drink beer and gamble.

do ants have guts?

I spent a lot of time with Claudia over Easter. I like her. She gave me a three-day ticket to The Great Escape, a music festival held at the Newington Armoury, and we went together. We are lazy and slack and night-owls, so we only went at night. On Friday night we saw Wolfmother and… Continue reading do ants have guts?