what grinds my gears

Why do I have to type in the number of cents when I withdraw money from an ATM? They only dispense $20 and $50 notes. It is just stupid that to withdraw one hundred dollars I have to key in 1,0,0,0,0. On the subject of ATMs, why doesn’t it know if I wanted a receipt?… Continue reading what grinds my gears

chick house

I share a house with two girls, Kads and Megatron. We get along quite well, but tonight I realised that there is a problem. I am turning into a chick. How I know: I was watching the News with Megatron and they said that Toni Collette would be hosting the Cannes File Festival for eleven… Continue reading chick house

LOL! I snapped

– tiger says (1:41 PM):i am going to hellBreigh says (1:41 PM):well it’s not like we didn’t see it coming