From time to time, in the middle of the night, I get prank calls. I am pretty sure that they are from Stephanie, one of Claudia’s friends. I don’t know why she is so interested in me after all this time, she is gay so it is not a slorey thing. Last weekend I got… Continue reading pranked


Last Saturday marked two years since Kirsten and I broke up. I have been single since then, the longest time that I have ever been single. My plan was to use this as an excuse to go out with my married friends, they would be sure to get a leave pass to support me, their… Continue reading anniversary



I have a T-shirt fetish. I have two wardrobes in my bedroom, one is for T-shirts and the other is for Miscellaneous. In my T-shirt wardrobe hang sixty-nine shirts, as I acquire new ones my least favourite go into a suitcase. There are a lot in the suitcase. Glarkware this is one of my favourite… Continue reading fetish