jumping outta my skin

I am so excited. In less than 2 days I will be seeing Lydia again after almost 3 months. We met at Marks & Tracy’s wedding in late July and only got to spend a week together before she had to go back home to London. We had a great time during that week and… Continue reading jumping outta my skin


Tonight, at the Shanghai Palace in Chatswood, I attended a Datacom/Microsoft Tech Support reunion dinner for those of us who suffered in the late 90’s in the days of Windows 98 and NT 4.0. I had worked closely with three of the guys there and, like any reunion, it was a mixture of slight awkwardness,… Continue reading green!


Miss Slaunders says (1:21 AM): i’m doing my will – how depressing – tiger [lamb] says (1:21 AM): leave it all to me Miss Slaunders says (1:22 AM): yeah right Miss Slaunders says (1:22 AM): ud sell it all and buy a dinosaur