Last Saturday marked two years since Kirsten and I broke up. I have been single since then, the longest time that I have ever been single. My plan was to use this as an excuse to go out with my married friends, they would be sure to get a leave pass to support me, their ‘sad’ friend. Unfortunately, I forgot about this until the night before when Lydia asked me about it.

The night before, Friday night, I actually went out with Kirsten to have a few drinks and see Black Sheep at the Dendy in Newtown. We had a drink beforehand at the Townie, where she dropped the bomb: she is getting married! Awesome timing, after all, she broke up with me because she was never going to get married. Strangely, I have not been at all upset about this. I merely used the opportunity to tease her.

After the movie, Kip and I headed into Chinatown, where we met Hugo and had a tasty midnight dinner at Haymarket Chinese. This is a cheap and tasty restaurant near the corner of Liverpool and Sussex, and Markiel claims it is his favourite Chinese establishment.

Kip went home, and Hugo and I got a cab to the Paddington Inn to meet Kads and Megatron. It was 1AM at this point and we were not allowed in. What do you do when you get denied entry somewhere? That’s right: you go to the Courthouse.

The Courthouse is a pub on the corner of Bourke and Oxford Streets. It is patronised almost entirely by society’s rejects and, as such, is never boring. It was just Hugo and I. As I walked in a dodgy looking bikie style fellow was blocking the pathway, so I said “excuse me” and slid past. His friend said something, but I didn’t quite catch it.

We found a table, and had been there for less than 5 minutes before a slore invited me to sit with her. The slores weren’t very exciting to talk to, and we were still on our first beer when the King Bikie came over, stood behind me and gently placed his hand on my shoulder. He growled an order into my ear, that a dwarf on a nearby table was his friend, and I had to look after him. He then went and did the same thing to Hugo, who put down his beer and said “let’s go”.

The final stop was the Macquarie Hotel, because I had to introduce Hugo to the Bavarian Red Lager that they brew there. A very tasty drop.

On Saturday night, my actual anniversary, I went out with Walking Rek. After the customary few in Newtown (at the Marly), we cabbed it straight to Spectrum, arriving early so that we could actually catch the bands. We missed the first artist so, for us, Laura Imbruglia was up first. I am not a reviewer so I won’t elaborate, but she was funny and personal, and I liked the music too. Next up were the Lucksmiths, who didn’t really do it for me. After the bands finished, Spectrum turned into a club called P*A*S*H, and this night was the 200th P*A*S*H. We had a bit if a dance and Rek kept picking out girls for me to slore onto. She has no idea what my taste is, at all. We got into a disagreement on this subject and she grabbed her coat and stormed off.

Luckily, my new friend Amelia was already on her way. I met her at Spectrum the week before, when she opened with the best possible line anyone could ever use: “Is that shirt from”. It was, and it turns out that we share many interests i.e. she is cool. We are now poke buddies. On facebook.


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