T > C 20:15 walkingrek just gave me a unicorn necklace!
C > T 20:26 Wow! I told Stephanie that and she said 3 Starburst lollypops are better!
T > C 20:27 ‘sif
T > W 20:31 (pic)
C > T 21:07 Me and Miss Ward are going to be a Mahoot and look after the elephant! Stone sober btw !
T > C 21:08 Yep
T > W 21:50 Me sly fox. I don’t mean to alarm you but I think there are poofters here
W > T 21:54 Me at coogee dont want to alarm you but there are lezzas here 😉
T > W 22:02 Salty
T > C 00:06 Drunked. Town hall. Randoms. tattoos. Unicorn
C > T 00:10 Drunk. Silverchair. Jim Morrison. Port. Adelaide. Gas Stove.!.
W > T 00:10 …muff diving. Heh heh
T > W 00:18 I am going camping in tassie with a random. He works on an oil rig
W > T 00:21 Card factor
T > C 01:25 Hippie judging me. Screams when in pain
C > T 01:29 I am the hippy who drinks blood and soy malk

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