the problem with this blog

The problem with this blog is that I can’t write about much of the most awesome stuff that happens in my life. I know many of my readers in Real Life, either beforehand or readers that I built relationships through this blog//internet//myspace//whatever. It is ok to tell secrets if I remain anonymous but not when I, or my partners-in-crime, can be identified. Even now I have to obscure the names of many of the people I write about. Wordy though some of them may be, I omit a lot of events from my narratives.

I maintained a secret blog for a while, which only Breigh knew about, but I eventually gave it up. I like to have a blog as a form of diary, I often use it to look up past events. I had to look up when Kirsten and I broke up so I could plan an 18 months singlehood(?) party. I could go oldskool and get a paper diary, but the chances of that ever getting updated tend towards zero. What to do?

*note to my geek friends: the secret blog was not hosted on any of my domains so don’t bother looking up my dns records to track it down. It is not on the wayback machine either.

**craigeaux, like my electrikk slashies? I loverobots&&dinosaurs<3;;

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