Playground Weekender

[These are just my notes, (I might flesh it out in the future]


  • I saw someone get busted by sniffer dogs for possession of 3.8g of weed
  • Played croquet with Rek and J-Dogg – Rek won, J-Dogg lost
  • Played ping pong against J-Dogg, I won 21-18. This is an achievement as he works in a prison and therefore, I assume, plays it all the time.
  • So happy, I felt like I was on drugs (whilst sober). Must be Holiday Mode. Resolved to abandon current life and live in a tent forever.
  • The only other person that Rek knew was coming, unknowingly pitched their tent next to ours.
  • Got some chili and cinnamon chocolate coated coffee beans, which Rek dubbed Guatemalan Jumping Beans. They were tops.
  • At night there was a huge storm and it bucketed down for a few hours. When we returned to our tents we learned that our prime spot was, in fact, on low-lying land. The ground was squishy and there were 2-3 inches of water standing, above the top of the grass. My tent stayed dry (thank God) and it was kinda floating on the water. I slept on a comfortable waterbed.
  • A girl collapsed due to drink/drugs/? and was helped out by the omnipresent cops. 10 minutes later she was back on the dancefloor with her hands down the front of J-Dogg’s pants. Slores.
  • Dexter was the highlight of the night, especially the latin stuff. The Drum N Bass stuff was difficult for me, I kept losing the beat (trying to follow too many beats)
  • There was an Iced-Up Bogan (IUB) taunting two uniformed police officers who were near me, he was standing right in front of them and making challenging faces.
  • Cops were everywhere, all day and night.
  • All drink cans were $0.50 deposit. J-Dogg proceeded to fill a garbage bag with Hobo Cans. He bonded with a girl who had her own bag and was competing for the pickings.


  • Woke up to a still-flooded area. We are the only waterlogged area on a field that is as big as 4 footy fields.
  • We unpegged our tents and carried them, still assembled, to a new location. This one is tops because it is dry and there are bikini girls.
  • I went for a swim in the pool as a substitute for a morning shower. Very refreshing.

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