Sweet Sixteen – Happy Birthday to darryn.net

darryn.net happy 16th blog birthday cake

I remembered!

Every year, I intend to write a post on my blog’s birthday. This year, whilst on holiday in Viet Nam, I finally remembered.

Today marks 16 years since my first blog post on darryn.net, and this week marks the resurrection of the blog after years of neglect. As I’ve promised in several previous “facebook killed my blog and now I promise to resurrect it” posts, I have not been posting much since the rise of facebook. After going to the ProBlogger Conference last month, however, this time I really really promise to resurrect the blog.

As I’m on dodgy Viet Nam hotel WiFi, I’ve had to “upgrade” the site to the twenty-fifteen theme just to modernise it a bit. Perhaps I will add a genesis theme if I have a bit of downtime on a travel day, otherwise it’ll have to wait until we get home.

Happy Birthday, darryn.net!

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