In late 2012, about a month after Hayley and I became facebook official, we went to see The Black Keys live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. We shared a ride there but, as we’d bought tickets before getting together, then parted ways. I was seated high in the stands right up the back, and Hayley was on the dancefloor.

The dancefloor area was huge – about the size of two basketball courts. I was high in the air, a hundred metres away. Despite this, I could easily spot Hayley at any time as she was glowing brightly in saturated colour whilst everyone else was black & white. It was like she was lit by a permanent colour spotlight that touched no-one else. I doubly enjoyed the concert – a band I loved playing to a glowing enthusiastic curly dancer who filled my heart and vision.

I recently came across my wedding speech as used on the night, complete with last-minute notes. In hindsight I’d change that speech – I’d remove the part about her being smarter than me, which has been used as evidence in debates, and I’d replace it with the story of my technicolor bride.

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