I just found a backup CD of some of my IXUS photos. 1,418 photos have been recovered, basically all my photos from November 2001 to February 2003. It is better than nothing, which is what my $2000 is currently buying me.

Read it and weep

I have just returned from 3 days on the South Coast, where the water was gorgeous. Tomorrow (today) I go on a houseboat for the weekend. Life’s tough.

Holiday Mode

I am on leave from work, for a bit over 2 weeks, as of last Tuesday. It is a year since I last took leave of any significant duration, and it also a year since Kirsten’s parents were last here from the Netherlands. They liked it so much that they have returned, and I am… Continue reading Holiday Mode

Want to read?

Then read this thread, start at the bottom. You will immediately pull out your credit card and go to amazon. Unless you are stronger than I.

Al Dente

After 30 hours, the bleeding has mostly stopped. The bleeding, of course, coming from the big hole in my mouth where my wisdom tooth used to be. This tooth had gone rogue and had to be eliminated as an example to the others. It didn’t go without a fight. It adopted a ‘scorched earth’ policy… Continue reading Al Dente

A great birthday

It was my birthday on Monday – I turned 29. As usual, I managed to stretch the birthday out over a few days. I had a BBQ on Saturday evening, yum cha on Sunday and a day off on Monday.  The BBQ was a joint birthday party and housewarming party. We had about 30 guests… Continue reading A great birthday

CutePDF Printer

At work we have a license for Adobe Acrobat, and it is my machine that gets the honours. This is not much of a problem as we do not produce PDF documents too often. When we do, we basically use Acrobat as a printer, we do not create fancy forms or anything like that. Acrobat… Continue reading CutePDF Printer