elf over twaalf

On Sunday we went wakeboarding with Ric in Middle Harbour. I had a great time swimming around the beach, riding in the boat and attempting to wakeboard. After six attempts I was unable to get up, although I did manage to get dragged underwater. I didn’t want to give up and let go of the… Continue reading elf over twaalf

Thinking of moving

I hate moving.Our lease runs out today. We always intended to continue on the standard week-by-week basis, moving never crossed our minds. Until our property manager seemed to become insecure a few weeks ago and started asking us what we are going to do. The second time that she asked, I realised that I had… Continue reading Thinking of moving

5 Deadly Venoms

When facing your enemy, you have to aim for his weakest point.Use the Buddha finger accurately, and you will find you will win whatever he should try to do.

Think. Geek.

Yay! My tshirts have come! I just opened my package from thinkgeek, and the first 3 tshirts have arrived. They are the F*R*A*G, GEEK Candy, and Joystick Junkie shirts. They fit well and are good quality. I am happy. These shirts supplement my existing thinkgeek catalog: you are dumb v1.0; caffeine; C.H.I.M.P.; and Nerf Gun.… Continue reading Think. Geek.

Tweekin, Oh Tweekin

As I was driving home from work yesterday the track It’s Like That (Drop the Break) by Run-D.M.C. -vs- Jason Nevins was played on the radio. A chill went down my spine, as so many images of my past flashed through my head. Images of tweekin, and the way it used to be in the… Continue reading Tweekin, Oh Tweekin

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Blast from the Past

Whilst shopping with Tristan today I got more than I bargained for. While Tristan was browsing RAM prices, I was being led outside by an insecure security guard who had something to say. Seems he had heard some stories that were just that, and wanted to tell me how he felt. It was hard to… Continue reading Blast from the Past

Adam adds to the Conspiracy

reading your site on planes – the last plane I caught to Melbourne they told the lady next to me (with baby on lap) that if we “have to stop suddenly” — like you can apply the brakes in mid-air — “her weight would crush the baby”

Inflight conspiracy?

Have you ever noticed that whenever they do the safety demonstration before a flight, the steward(esse)s are always subtly laughing? I have. At first I thought that they were just having a bit of fun, but after seeing the same kind of behaviour on many different flights in different airlines and countries, I am beginning… Continue reading Inflight conspiracy?