wet air

OMG! Tammy! You have no idea what humidity is. I’ve been to some places where it is so humid you can’t even breathe. The mildness of the Dutch summer is like dry desert air compared to everywhere else. Hahahahaha. I am a bad man.


– tiger (lamb) says (1:43 AM):goddammit– tiger (lamb) says (1:43 AM):DO MY BIDDING– tiger (lamb) says (1:43 AM):i created you– tiger (lamb) says (1:43 AM):i can destroy you Actually I am not really a solipsist because I am not completely sure that I exist either. My fav quote from the wikipedia article: Utahraptor suggested the… Continue reading solipsism

what grinds my gears

Why do I have to type in the number of cents when I withdraw money from an ATM? They only dispense $20 and $50 notes. It is just stupid that to withdraw one hundred dollars I have to key in 1,0,0,0,0. On the subject of ATMs, why doesn’t it know if I wanted a receipt?… Continue reading what grinds my gears

chick house

I share a house with two girls, Kads and Megatron. We get along quite well, but tonight I realised that there is a problem. I am turning into a chick. How I know: I was watching the News with Megatron and they said that Toni Collette would be hosting the Cannes File Festival for eleven… Continue reading chick house

LOL! I snapped

– tiger says (1:41 PM):i am going to hellBreigh says (1:41 PM):well it’s not like we didn’t see it coming


T > C 20:15 walkingrek just gave me a unicorn necklace!C > T 20:26 Wow! I told Stephanie that and she said 3 Starburst lollypops are better!T > C 20:27 ‘sifT > W 20:31 (pic)C > T 21:07 Me and Miss Ward are going to be a Mahoot and look after the elephant! Stone sober… Continue reading friday