The 25th of April is ANZAC Day, an Australian holiday to remember the sacrifices made by our servicepeople in various wars. We recognise their sacrifice by doing what they would have liked to do: we drink beer and gamble.

do ants have guts?

I spent a lot of time with Claudia over Easter. I like her. She gave me a three-day ticket to The Great Escape, a music festival held at the Newington Armoury, and we went together. We are lazy and slack and night-owls, so we only went at night. On Friday night we saw Wolfmother and… Continue reading do ants have guts?

it never rains, it slores

Claudia insisted that I post with this title. People say that I am a slore, but that is not true. I am as sweet and innocent as a little lamb [proof]. Claudia, on the other hand, is indeed a dirty great slore [proof]. Of course, I cannot write about the source of this title. I… Continue reading it never rains, it slores

my favourite thing

Thanks to myspace surveys, I have thought about it and I have decided that my favourite thing in the world is the Internet. I spend almost all of my waking hours connected and have done so for more than eight years. The five years previous were intermittent due to per-hour Internet charges. I have spent… Continue reading my favourite thing

good friend

I have known Claudia for a few months now, but only in the last two or so have we really become friends. We talk almost every day. She was away camping and I missed her, especially when I had exciting stuff to tell her about last weekend. She is supportive and cool, she loves many… Continue reading good friend

chris’ and mei’s wedding

On Saturday Chris and Mei tied the knot at Banjo Patterson in Gladesville. The ceremony was held outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. Both bride and groom looked very much the part, Mei of course looking beautiful. The ceremony was touching with self written vows, although Mei forgot some of her lines as she skipped… Continue reading chris’ and mei’s wedding

i am a slacker

A lot has happened since my last post: My birthday in early February (that’s right ladies, I am an Aquarius: the best sign). I got lots of birthday texts and calls. Had dinner with the whole family, but the highlight of the day was when I arrived at dinner and Sampson’s face lit up when… Continue reading i am a slacker

tasty thai

I just got home from dinner with Walking Rek in Newtown. We went to a restaurant named Doy Tao, on the St Peter’s end of King Street. The food was good, and the portions were massive. There is no way that any normal human could consume a main that size. My tofu+vege stirfry was under… Continue reading tasty thai