Tonight, at the Shanghai Palace in Chatswood, I attended a Datacom/Microsoft Tech Support reunion dinner for those of us who suffered in the late 90’s in the days of Windows 98 and NT 4.0. I had worked closely with three of the guys there and, like any reunion, it was a mixture of slight awkwardness,… Continue reading green!

yay! new threadless delivery

I got a new shipment of threadless shirts today, I have been expecting them for a few days now. They just had one of their $10 sales so I bought four shirts, although I really only cared for 2 or 3 of them. In descending order of fondness, they are: Insomnia I like this one… Continue reading yay! new threadless delivery

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fruity oaty bar

On Wednesday I took delivery of my newest shirt, a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt from Make U Smile Tees. I only found this site recently, they make licensed shirts from all kinds of movies and TV shows etc. I was looking for firefly/serenity shirts, FOX closed down the good old Blue Sun Shirts website so… Continue reading fruity oaty bar

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I have a T-shirt fetish. I have two wardrobes in my bedroom, one is for T-shirts and the other is for Miscellaneous. In my T-shirt wardrobe hang sixty-nine shirts, as I acquire new ones my least favourite go into a suitcase. There are a lot in the suitcase. Glarkware this is one of my favourite… Continue reading fetish

Think. Geek.

Yay! My tshirts have come! I just opened my package from thinkgeek, and the first 3 tshirts have arrived. They are the F*R*A*G, GEEK Candy, and Joystick Junkie shirts. They fit well and are good quality. I am happy. These shirts supplement my existing thinkgeek catalog: you are dumb v1.0; caffeine; C.H.I.M.P.; and Nerf Gun.… Continue reading Think. Geek.