This afternoon I passed the exam 70-221 Designing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure. Based on my reckoning, this will now make me an MCSE in Windows 2000, the culmination of a process that I started almost six years ago. Of course, six years ago there was no Windows 2000 and so most of my earlier… Continue reading MCSE

Firefox Hijacked!

I got in to work today, fresh from the break. I loaded up Firefox, and what did I discover? My Home Page is now set to I have not installed anything except extensions from They lied to me! They said it was impossible!

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GDI+ is pissing me off

I thought GDI+ was supposed to be good. I am sure that it is better than whatever came before, but as far as I can tell its JPEG encoding is poor. Consider the following code, which creates a BMP format file from a System.Drawing.Image: System.Drawing.Image myImage = thumbnail( afileName ); //makes the image ImageCodecInfo myImageCodecInfo;… Continue reading GDI+ is pissing me off

How I got started

The first computer I ever used was a Vector Graphics Vector 3 which ran CP/M. My Dad brought it home when I was six years old and I became immediately enamoured of this device for two reasons: it had a space game; and to load the game you had to enter “boot floppy” at the… Continue reading How I got started