The Mystery of the Missing Millions

On arrival in Viet Nam, at Ho Chi Minh City airport, Hayley withdrew 2,500,000.00₫ (Viet Nam Dong) from a CitiBank ATM. We kept the receipt, and it does say that amount. We then bought SIM cards and pre-paid for a taxi from a tourist desk, and were allocated seats in a very small and uncomfortable… Continue reading The Mystery of the Missing Millions

a duck!

I just noticed Swampy’s comment. He wins the competition, some floating volcanic rocks are on their way to him right now.


On Friday night I got a flight to Hobart, Tasmania, for a weekend away. I flew JetStar, the plane was an A320 (we like Airbus). Inside it was comfortable and shiny. I stayed at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, a midrange hotel on the water, not far from the touristy Salamanca area. I liked my room,… Continue reading wotam


Tonight I went to a kava ceremony, kava is an intoxicating drink made from the roots of a local plant and its consumption is a sacred part of Fijian culture. As the Alpha, I was nominated to be the acting chief. I had a special bowl, whilst the others had to share a bowl. No-one… Continue reading kava


One of the other guests was called by her family in Australia, apparently Aussie TV is full of talk of political unrest here in Fiji. They say that there is to be a military coup. We have seen none of that here on Beqa Island and, regardless of what happens, we are safe here. Don’t… Continue reading coup

cider, gravy, churches

Bula from Fiji! I am sitting in a comfy chair on Beqa Island, overlooking the calm waters of Beqa Lagoon. The birds are chirping, the wind is rustling through the coconut palms, and Tristan is luring a poor kitten to its doom. Small floating volcanic stones are bobbing up and down in the few gentle… Continue reading cider, gravy, churches


In a few hours I will be jetting off to tropical Fiji for a week’s holiday with some friends. We will be staying on Beqa Island, without intarwebs or even TV. I am not sure the specifics of what is happening, I don’t even physically have my ticket yet. I know that I return to… Continue reading leavings