Today brings a number of small touches to the paradox ring of Shifty sites. That is something that I made up to make all my sites seem like one big happy family. The DNS for SLUTBISCUIT filtered through today, so I had to remove as much stupidly offensive stuff as I could in a hurry. Go check it out. It is not funny. Unless you are an idiot (like me).

I have added links to the Shifty Website Paradox Ring websites in the contents bar. Click! Click! Click! I am very proud of the animated ‘Shifty website’ logo. I plan to use a version on all my sites. Shifty is the name I take as Craptain of [SCoJ] (the Shining Crowbar of Justice). is maintained by my evil sidekick, Spong (not to be confused with my alter ego ‘evil sp0ng’ of “Fuck You, Evil Sp0ng” fame). Hence the non-existence of any content. he is currently playing cs_facility (not as well as me).

I was unable to add anything to this site over the weekend, due to suffering extreme shock after visiting the Den of Cheese (aka the Cauldron) on Saturday night. Quite the contrast from Simon Caldwell’s groovy set at Chinese Laundry.

I have added a new character to – ‘the gorgeous cath‘. Perhaps with her super skills she will be the winner of the Amazing Slutbiscuit Make-a-Logo Competition. There will be, like, a prize or something. For details, see the site.

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