Near-Fatal Death March

In an effort to try something new and be ‘outside’, I went bushwalking with Remnant Veg yesterday. We trekked the Cowan to Hawkesbury leg of the Great North Walk which is listed as Medium. I think they average that out – most of the walk is pretty easy, but two early climbs are a bit of a bitch, and the firetrail descent as you approach Brooklyn is slippery with loose stones, a real test on your toe strength.

All up the 11.5km walk took us 4.5 hours, but we took our time, including a significant break for lunch after one of the aforementioned bitch climbs. The walk was very worthwhile with excellent views over Jerusalem Bay to the mouth of the Hawkesbury River, as well as a great view over the freeway and Brooklyn Bridge nearer the walk’s end.

I got home at 5pm, showered, and lay on my bed to stretch. I just woke up. I was exhausted.


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