A Big Day

Saturday was exciting for two reasons.

It was my first “intermediate” kickboxing class, and I loved it. Gone were the technique drills of the beginner stream. Welcome to the world of sparring. I was paired up with an older guy who had a lot more experience and 10 kilos on me. I had a reach advantage, but that was useless. I am covered in bruises and it hurts to move. In other words, I had a great time! I have really found an IRL pursuit that I enjoy.

After kickboxing K and I raced home to shower, because we had an appointment with destiny. We were looking at my longtime dream apartment, 69 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove. The place was pretty good inside, but no cats. No dice. Since we were there, and had an appointment we headed off to meet a property manager who was to show us a less attractive apartment in Longueville Road. She had cancelled, didn’t we get her voicemail? We decided to go and have a look at the outside.

When we arrived we found a removalist truck parked outside. My heart fluttered. I asked one of the guys if they were moving out apartment 2, and as luck would have it, they were. They let us into the lift, a no-no in a security building, but I could smell the future. We got to the apartment and the owner was still there. She was a nice old lady named Thelma. She showed us the apartment. She showed us every tiny bit of the apartment, almost showed us each cupboard handle individually. I won’t bore you with further detail, but suffice to say that this is the best apartment that I have ever seen.

The stand-out wow feature: space-age parking. It has two car spots. Yet only one car spot in size. The cars are stacked vertically. There is a FUCKING CAR LIFT!

We immediately went to see Greg, Thelma’s son, to negotiate the deal. Cats are OK. Pay TV install is OK. We got the price down a bit, the deal was struck. We can move in two weeks. Only the formalities to go.

This is the bit that I am scared of. I wonder if I will sleep tonight. You see, the real estate agent was none too pleased that we had broken the chain of command, even though there was not really much dodginess on our part. But there was some, and I am afraid that it will count against us. I don’t find out until tomorrow afternoon if we got the place, owner pre-approval notwithstanding. Butterflies. Trying not to get too excited. Trying unsuccessfully. For a few days, you can see it here.


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