Above and beyond

I spent a portion of today researching RF networking for work. The research yielded quite a bit of noise, but some of the noise was interesting from a personal perspective. As I often do, I collected any interesting links and emailed them to myself at home to check out after work. I learned 2 main things from the 20 minutes of reading I did at home: that Australia has a very active 802.11 hacker community; and I can’t be bothered being a part of it.

One thing stood out though, and it is the reason that I wrote this blog. It is this site. Some bloke has strapped a video camera and RF transmitter onto a model rocket and launched the thing. Watch the videos. They will amuse you for a few minutes. Reminds me of when I was a teenager, and used to make “special effects” videos starring bombs I had made from ground up rocket engines.


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