Star Tard

I once made a lightsabre out of a rough piece of wood and a dowel. Actually I made two, the other was for my best friend Gordon. We would get home from Primary School and watch Star Wars and then have lightsabre battles on the driveway, using our Jedi mind powers to ignore the pain from our split knuckles. The important point here is that I used to watch the video, and then play with wooden lightsabres. I didn’t play with lightsabres, and simultaneously be in a video. That is why I am not in the unfortuante situation that this tard finds himself in. Click for hilarity. This link got my name on RiG. FiG.

Following the Star Wars theme, some clever people have looked at the films from a wheat vs chaff perspective, and come up with 3 minute flash animations that pretty much cover the plot of the movies: Star Dudes; The Bad Dude Strikes Back; Return of the Dude; and The Phantom Dude. They are a few megs each, but worth the download if you are into this sort of thing, and if you are reading this then you probably are.


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