Holiday Mode

I am on leave from work, for a bit over 2 weeks, as of last Tuesday. It is a year since I last took leave of any significant duration, and it also a year since Kirsten’s parents were last here from the Netherlands. They liked it so much that they have returned, and I am taking corresponding time off to spend with them.

In the culture that I have been exposed to (i.e. the media) the in-laws are an evil force, to be tolerated at best. This is not my experience. I like them both and have fun when I am with them. Is something wrong? We enjoy our holidays together, and I am looking forward to seeing their part of the world when I move to the Netherlands in one year and 3 days.

They do not read my blog, probably are not aware of it. So this is not sucking up, it is real. keeping it real since 1999

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