Mango bonanza

We have seven mango trees in our yard, and last summer one of them produced about 40 mangoes, none of the other trees produced fruit. The mangoes were delicious, and as they were ripened on the tree they were sweeter than store-bought mangoes. The bats certainly seemed to like them 🙂

It is Spring again and the trees have finished flowering, covering the ground below them with a brown layer of tiny petals. This is the time that the embryonic fruits begin to form, and after investigation today I am pleased to announce that five of the trees are starting to produce fruit. Two of them are covered with literally thousands of 1cm fruitlets each, the others are more sparse. A fact about mango trees: everything smells like mangoes. The leaves, the bark, and of course the teeny mango fruits.

They should be ripe in March, right about the time that we leave the country. I hope that I can enjoy a few of the mangoes before I leave.

In March, thousands of mangoes!

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