The Blue Power Core is critical

I like the Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo. I have put a few hours into it, and I agree with what Spong has written. It is a great game, and i will be buying it with my birthday EB voucher when it comes out, I think it is more fun than Far Cry.

I really like UT (1.0) and I think that UT2k4 is a return to the same secret recipe, afer the straying from the path that was UT2k3. UT2004 runs super fast on my Athlon 2100, which is below entry-level by current standards. UT 2003 seemed to run slower on the same hardware. I remember that UT 1.0 was always a good LAN choice because it would run on almost anything, I guess that the same will be true for UT2k4. The netcode seems pretty good as well, although it is possibly just my fast connection. So it looks like Epic (*Atari) have delivered the goods again.

I am also pleased to report that I 0wn at this game, I am consistently in the top 10%. That is especially pleasing because I have not been playing many games of late, not even on the xbox. I suspect that once again this is due to my comprehension of team-based gaming. I am actually out capturing Power Cores instead of trying to push 3 other players away from the Raptor spawn in order to get the Redeemer. If you don’t know, my favourite game type is Onslaught.

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