my favourite thing

Thanks to myspace surveys, I have thought about it and I have decided that my favourite thing in the world is the Internet. I spend almost all of my waking hours connected and have done so for more than eight years. The five years previous were intermittent due to per-hour Internet charges.

I have spent time sans Internet and I survived fine. I would still class myself as an addict, if only because a significant portion of my social life occurs on the Internet. I would say 80%. In a single day I would only speak to perhaps five personal contacts using voice (phone or Real Life) whereas I would interact with another ten online (for much longer). There are several of my closest friends whom I have never, or rarely, met in Real Life. This does not bother me, I am used to it. I have been using the Internet for communication since 1993 and it is as normal to me as conversation. Even in Pinkjoint in 1999 I would converse with Spong via the beta of MSN Messenger when he was <3 metres from me. Jai and I were next to each other and still used Messenger.

You, too, are addicted to the Internet. Think about it. What would your life be like without search? You would have to go to the library to find out the stuff you find in five seconds with wikipedia, google, whatever. I crave the days when I can search Real Life. “Where are my keys?”

My second favourite thing in the world is my nephew Sampson. If I was pressed to choose one thing to which I would give my life, it would be him. I wouldn’t give my life for the Internet. If I was dead, I wouldn’t be able to use it. Human emotions still rule.

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