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One of my most favouritest foods is Chinese dumplings, the Jiaozi kind. I buy a few bags every few weeks, and while I have them, I eat nothing else. I cook them in a stock made from wonton soup mix and sesame oil and eat them as a soup. The Knorr factory in HK no longer make this soup, so I had to scour the earth to find it, my persistence paid off because I found a 1kg can.

Inspired by this post at Karate Party, in my next outing to the asian grocer I went in search of a tasty snack to sample. I couldn’t find any pork floss, so I settled on a kind of rice cracker. What followed has changed my life forever.

DSC02374HOT-KID Want Want Rice Crackers (Seaweed and Bonito flavour) are one of the best snacks I have ever eaten, they are up there with Chicken-in-a-Biscuit and nectarines. They are similar to the normal mixed rice crackers that you might serve at a party, but much larger – about the size of a wagon wheel. They are sweet. They are bonitoey. They are seaweedy. They are like light, circular mouth smack. The big bag contains smaller packages, in the wasteful asian snack style, each small package containing two crackers. This is a trick. You take a package from the cupboard and go to your snacking location, be it TV or computer. You eat them. They taste so good, but they weigh practically nothing and take up no space in your stomach. Now your mouth needs more of the flavour, and your stomach agrees. So you go to the cupboard and get another package. The next time, you get two packages. The empty master bag is sitting next to me, on the desk.

The shop opens in seven hours and eleven minutes.

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