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I am nearly finished the total redesign of the website, so sit back, relax, and watch the skies.

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Tweekin 1, Darryn 0 (by Jai)

Tweekin’ oh Tweekin’ my one true Love. Darryn you are evoL and this can’t go on. I must cast you and your amazing cock aside for it is the Good and Smart thing to do. Sorry, I have had many happy times. Don’t ever speak to me again!

Ain’t no friend of mine (by Hamish)

I hereby declare that I am not Darryn’s friend. I assume that I am now allowed to go to any event promoted by Good and Smart Pty Ltd, for whom W.C. and G.M. (names obscured by request – DJ) are the self-appointed spokespeople.



An object, which has a property which represents an emotion. The object, the property, and the emotion are all dependant on the viewer, and the context in which the viewer and the object interact. Now send me money.


Whoa Beavis, this site rocks (by Adam)

Quick hi from Rome. Me likes the new site – especially the 2D controls… now where did you get that idea???What ever happened to the QT99 fotos?Have you spoken to Smelly Cat yet? She dislocated her shoulder getting off the beginners lift.L8r