I would have to say that my new blogging tool, BlogFrog, also kicks ass.


stats kick ass

I have recently been toying with the Light Side. I have been using non-Microsoft technologies. Although I am pro-Microsoft, I acknowledge that there is a whole world out there, much of which does just fine without Microsoft. So I have installed Perl, although I use it (mostly) through IIS. The primary motivator for this was… Continue reading stats kick ass



I am now number 2 in google for the search term “darryn“. This is not disappointing, everything is still going according to plan. For those of you who rely on my unreliable blogging for information: We have moved house. We moved over 3 weeks ago, to a 3 bedroom house in Dundas. If you know… Continue reading Housekeeping



Five months ago I decided that I would try an experiment. I would try to get to number one in google for the search “darryn“, without using dodgy techniques. Today, for the first time, I achieved my goal. I have been in the top ten for about 3 months, but first had always eluded me.… Continue reading NUMBER ONE!!!


tristan southern charms

I lost my blog writer source code in an incident. More blogs will come when I rewrite this tool.


Tired and Emotional

You can stick your fucking chariot up your ass.


Thinking of moving

I hate moving.Our lease runs out today. We always intended to continue on the standard week-by-week basis, moving never crossed our minds. Until our property manager seemed to become insecure a few weeks ago and started asking us what we are going to do. The second time that she asked, I realised that I had… Continue reading Thinking of moving