Cheery Cheer

Cheery Cheer!Since my early teens I have preferred diet soft drinks to the sugar kind. Back in the 80’s this meant that I was drinking Diet Coke, but as time has progressed the range of diet drinks has increased. With the advent of the Atkins diet, and mass sugar avoidance, I have been pleased to see that range explode. Now there is a diet version of pretty much any sugar drink you care to name. In the last year we have seen the release of: diet ginger beer (2 kinds), Diet Fanta (and sunkist), 3 more kinds of Diet Coke, and a favourite: Diet Cottee’s Coola cordial, which everyone knows is the best kind of cordial. Recently I have been very pleased to discover, in Coles only, that Saxby’s, makers of the best Diet Ginger Beer, have expanded their range with 3 new diet flavours which have no sugar analogue. I am talking about Diet Creme Soda (similar to Tarax), Diet Pineapple, and Diet Cheery Cheer.

I don’t know what Cheery Cheer is, but I like it. The front of the label says that the secret ingredient is fun, but it is not listed in the ingredients list on the side (possibly because it is a secret). Cheery Cheer does not taste like cherries, it is more like children’s medicine. There is something familiar about it, something from my childhood. It is a deep cherry colour. It is sweet. I rate it.

I am still waiting for diet chinotto.


  1. WOW! someone else in the world who understands the joy of diet cherry cheer… the day I found the Saxby’s range of diet soft drinks, in flavours that are so rarely available to us non sugar eaters, I screamed for joy. In my world of no sugar these things are just so exciting… I grabbed about 3 of every flavour and proceeded to the checkout, the checkout chick of the shell servo on the freeway obviously thought I was some kind of freak… But did I care – NO! Finally my favourite soft drinks flavours from my childhood were finally available to me in my sad sugerfree adult life. Ahhh, cherry cheer…

  2. But where do you get Saxby’s diet cherry cheer? I understand I can also get Saxby’s diet ginger beer and Saxby’s diet creaming soda. But where?

    I live in Sydney (Australia) and the usual retail outlets are available to me. Thanks if you can help me. C

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