I had a great Christmas with (half) my family. My best sister, Michelle, was the host and she put on a great spread. Sampson, my beautiful 16 month-old nephew, was the centre of attention – the day was really all about him. He loved it and has already worked out that he can control us:… Continue reading change


ten of the best

Lateralus Tool Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle OK Computer Radiohead Homework Daft Punk Appetite for Destruction Guns N Roses Blood Sugar Sex Magik Red Hot Chili Peppers Is This It? The Strokes Aenima Tool Rebirth of Cool Phive Various Artists Angel Dust Faith No More Paul’s Boutique Beastie Boys Moon Safari Air yes, I already… Continue reading ten of the best

I love summer

In the last three or four weeks I have been very happy, and I attribute this to Summer. The weeks around Christmas are always fun and full of parties. It is warm. I can go to the beach. I just saw the first Christmas Beetle of the season. Jasper jumped on it and ate it.… Continue reading I love summer