Last night I went up to the slounge for a few drinks. Met Slore and Snugs, also Sam and Messex. Slore and Snugs left early and some random girl came and sat with us. I thought she was one of Messex’s friends. Messex and Sam got up to go to the bar and I was alone with this girl. I tried to talk to her but she was unresponsive, kept playing with her blackberry instead.

Sam and Messex returned and continued their PDA’s, and so i jokingly told them that their love disgusts me. The girl arced up and told me that their love is beautiful and it is me that is disgusting. OK.

We went up to Minsky’s (the piano bar) and the girl went to the bar for a round. She brought back three drinks. No drink for me. I bought myself a drink and joined the others who were now right at the piano, Sam and Messex singing gleefully, the girl just standing there.

After a few songs the piano man went on a break so we decided to leave, and went all together out to the street, but when I got down the steps Sam and Messex were nowhere to be seen, so it was just me and the hostile girl. She hopped in a cab and said to me “are you coming?”.


Worst. Seduction. Ever.

[update] no, craigeaux, I didn’t get in. I told her that I “just live down the hill”, and walked away.


  1. actually, I saw her at the slounge last night. I don’t know if she saw me but I wasn’t about to try and get her attention.

  2. Was she hot? Photos required. Privately.

    Does PDA mean Personal Digital Assistant? Is that like a hand job?

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